Derp time for Mr. Wolf (Scale Question)


sgtslag: Sorry, randywest, the listed makers are the only ones I know. Sept 19, 2020 19:03:34 GMT
sgtslag: randywest: just found Wargames Atlantic, five types, 28mm plastic fantasy., Cheers! Sept 21, 2020 17:02:03 GMT
sgtslag: Ran out of Hot Glue, with only five hills left to add a skirt to the sides of. Wal-Mart closes at 8:00 PM, thanks to COVID. GRRRrrr! Another 30 minutes of work, and I would have been done: ~77 hills, modular, perfectly matching my table's ground cloth! Sept 23, 2020 2:50:39 GMT
sgtslag: Will post a write-up soon, or after next week's vacation. P-) Cheers! Sept 23, 2020 2:51:57 GMT
sgtslag: Hoping to acquire a Chop Saw within the next two weeks. Then I will cut up MDF into triangles, to form the skeleton of my d20 fantasy world globe... Posting will follow, with how-to guide. 8-) Cheers! May 11, 2021 22:57:40 GMT
erho: I have a confession: I havnt painted a thing in months because I got a new guitar(#8!) but now that May "Megadeth month" is over I have a repaired airbrush and a early 90's Ral Partha Amethyst dragon on the table... pics to come soon! Jun 11, 2021 17:49:58 GMT
margaret: too bad you can't post your music here =). Hadn't seen that dragon - looks like it came out when all my cash was going to raising kids. Looking forward to seeing your paint choices! Jun 12, 2021 2:41:42 GMT
nightshade: Been away for a bit ,back now Oct 3, 2021 19:42:30 GMT
nightshade: Made it to Gencon on Sunday, mainly vendor/ purchasing day. Found my gral, a copy of TSRs Escape from New York boar dgame! Oct 3, 2021 19:45:07 GMT
dafrca: Why does my mind kick into overdrive just as I lay down for the night? (rofl) Nov 16, 2021 6:33:44 GMT
erho: Same here, bed time, I finally remember where I put those molds Nov 17, 2021 17:58:29 GMT
erho: Happy Holidays y'all! Dec 17, 2021 19:02:42 GMT
sydneysykkness: First message of 2022. Hello, all! Mar 15, 2022 14:16:11 GMT
RPG Grandma: Hope everyone is doing good Apr 15, 2022 0:19:14 GMT
12x12 Cardstock Shop: American craft cardstock 12x12
Apr 29, 2022 6:37:20 GMT
gmfredz: Campaign Leveling System for EZD6 Jul 7, 2022 0:05:33 GMT
gmfredz: Just found out a few days ago Z Scale Railroad ie 10mm Miniatures has sweet castle ruins and house ruins Jul 7, 2022 0:07:33 GMT
gmfredz: Free to use Fantasy Mission Generator works with EZD6, Mork Borg, and other OSR Games Jul 7, 2022 0:14:13 GMT
blaineclark: Give a luxurious touch to your home with our amazing collection of Cowhide Ottoman Jul 18, 2022 4:07:04 GMT
blaineclark: Give a luxurious touch to your home with our amazing collection of Glass Pendant Jul 29, 2022 9:04:38 GMT
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